Safety Plugs or are they!!!!

As well as being a local electrician in the Worcestershire area, I am also a father of two children, Ellie who is now 16 and Zach who is 10, but back when they were babies and toddlers, like any parent  I would do anything for my kids.Local NICEIC electrician safety plugs photo


Electrical Certificates

As one of the leading Electricians in Worcestershire, I get lots of questions either by email or Phone calls, about different subjects. This month seems to more about what Certification they should have for electrical work, mostly done by other people or the council itself, so as an approved NICEIC Installer I thought I would write a blog about it.Certifcation By Darren Spencer Electrical


LED Lamps

Is Confusion over LED Lamps costing you money?

For quite some time now I have been having discussions with clients about the benefits ofLED Lamps Darren Spencer Electrical
LED lighting, the conversations usually, have themes like, LEDs are for toys you don’t get enough light from them or how can you justify telling me to pay £20 for a lamp (bulb) when I can buy a pac
k of 5 from my local DIY chain for a tenner.


Why Use an NICEIC Registered Electrician

Why Use an NICEIC Registered Electrician?  

nic logoPart P registered actually means. However most customers have heard of the NICEIC and feel these ‘letters’ mean something good and they should look for them when searching for an electrician.


New Regulations on Fuse Boards

Darren Spencer electrical fuse board changes MK sentryDarren spencer electrical, a small electrical company based in Worcestershire, who specialise in the domestic market, we also consider ourselves experts in the field of Fuse Boards, I wanted to help people understand, probably one of the biggest regulation changes in recent years and give you my take on it giving the information that needs to be given and omit the confusion. For some free advice and no obligation call Darren on 01905915001.


Lamps History Of Lighting


Lamps: The Pre-electrical Era

The invention and first usage of lamp can be dated back to 70,000 BC. At that time, there was no metal or bronze to make lamps instead the then civilization used hollow rocks and shells. These hollow rocks were filled with moss and other natural substances and then soaked in animal fat.

My Electrician Didn’t turn up today

Reliable Electrician in worcester

I hear often that electricians turn up hours after they had arranged, or in some cases not at all. This understandably leads to much frustration on the customers part and a general distrust of electricians in general.

Electrical Inspections

Electrician in worcester electrical safety report
Following many electrical inspections in the Worcestershire & Gloucestershire regions, am told many times by my clients that they thought an electrical inspection and test would be costly in both time and money – in reality this is not true – many electrical inspection tests I carry out are absolutely fine and it leaves the homeowner or business owner with peace of mind that their home is electrically safe.

Why use an Elecsa Part P registered electrician?

Electrician in worcester approved contractor part P

The majority of my customers don’t understand what Part P registered actually means. However most customers have heard of the ELECSA brand and feel these brand mean’s something good and they should look for them when searching for an electrician. (more…)

Landlord Responsibilities

Electrician in worcester - landlord safety certificate

I carry out electrical works for many landlords in Worcestershire and Gloucestershire, it is a real pleasure to be working with them, in fact I love this area of work as I am ensuring each landlord meets their legal obligations to their tenants and knowing that their tenants homes are electrically safe. (more…)