Why are condition reports necessary?

An electrical installation condition report (EICR) is a periodic check that is carried out in order to verify and monitor the condition of an existing electrical installation. It is highly recommended that you carry out this check at least every 5 years or every time a home sees a change in occupancy. An EICR can only be carried out by registered electricians and can detect problems in the installation in advance in order to prevent mishaps.

Objectives of a condition reportElectrician in worcester electrical safety report

  • To maintain data of the inspection results and ensure the installation is safe for use until the next inspection
  • To detect any signs of wear and tear and any other issues that may affect safety
  • To detect any components that do not meet IEE regulations
  • To detect any problems that may cause overheating and electrical shocks

Registered electricians in Worcestershire

A condition report is an important measure of safety to protect your home and family against the dangers of electrical mishaps. At Darren Spencer Electrical, our registered, part P approved electricians are extremely competent and are well equipped to carry out this inspection.

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